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Increase employee and supplier engagement. Consolidate performance and compensation experiences. Streamline existing pay and reimbursement processes. Workday Extend allows you to build custom apps that run alongside your existing Workday solutions.

Customer: Accuride

Name of app: Sales Opportunity Tracker

Workday application: Financial Management, Prism Analytics

Non-Workday application: PLEX

App Category: Streamline Processes, Consolidate Experiences

Why Workday Extend

Accuride’s sales teams saw inconsistencies in data across their legacy CRM provider, echoing a growing need for system consolidation. Accuride’s recent purchase of Workday Prism Analytics offered an opportunity for global teams to harmonize all applications under Workday Extend.

App Built

The Sales Opportunity Tracking app enables sales teams to manage their sales opportunity pipeline within Workday, quickly adding or updating opportunities directly from their mobile devices. In addition, the app shows dashboards for sales leaders to view details and analytics within their respective pipelines.

The app leverages Workday Prism Analytics to integrate with PLEX for product catalog pricing and customer details.

Benefits Realized

With Workday Extend, sales teams can accurately and quickly track opportunities with simplified screens on their mobile devices. After entering a few bits of critical information, they have access to a tailored view of sales data on the go. Over time, Accuride plans to tie this functionality to its Adaptive Insights offering for major benefits in forecasting.

Customer: Flex

Name of app: Vehicle Registration

Workday application: Workforce Management, Human Capital Management

App Category: Streamline Processes, Consolidate Experiences

Why Workday Extend

Flex selected Workday Extend to help consolidate local IT “skunk apps” across its international operations. Since Workday is the company’s system of record for people data, unifying applications enables Flex to simplify its complex network of integrations. Workday Extend also functions as a career development tool for the Flex support team.

App Built

The Vehicle Registration app enables employees to register the vehicles they drive to work. This system of record is used by on-site security teams to identify the owner of a car in case of an emergency.

Benefits Realized

With Workday Extend, Flex eliminated the need to build custom applications on a separate technology stack and manage multiple environments and integrations. The solution also gave Flex tools for security and process management to help accelerate development.

Security teams are responsible for locating individuals who park inappropriately. Previously, this involved sending mass emails, making numerous phone calls, and riding bicycles around the facility to identify individuals who needed to move their vehicles. With Workday Extend, the security team can now easily identify vehicle owners and quickly send messages or make calls to keep routes and exits clear in the event of an emergency.

With the data collected through Workday Extend, Flex can better understand parking needs and accommodate fluctuations in workers’ demands. Flex can also use this data to plan for changes in passenger demand for Flex-provided transportation. Going forward, the company plans to extend the app’s functionality to prevent unauthorized parking in the first place.

Customer: Netflix

Name of app: Supplier Managed Requisitions

Workday application: Financial Management

App Category: Streamline Processes

Why Workday Extend

Netflix selected Workday Extend to drive innovation with Workday and better support business needs. The company recognized the benefits in leveraging a workflow engine and notification framework within a single UI. Workday Extend allows Netflix to enhance, extend, and replace existing Workday capabilities while simplifying its IT infrastructure.

App Built

The Supplier Managed Requisitions app creates an external supplier PO request extension on top of the existing Workday supplier portal. The extension has automated the majority of supplier PO requests and was developed in about 8 to 10 weeks.

Benefits Realized

With Workday Extend, Netflix simplified the management of separate infrastructure and applications environments in Google Docs, Excel, and integrations. With an entire team dedicated to the support and development of Workday technology, Netflix now has consistent tools for security and process management, helping to accelerate development at scale while eliminating the need for regression testing.

Netflix automated numerous key areas in the external supplier PO request process and removed the reconciliation process between Google Docs and spreadsheets. The company also eliminated numerous emails between suppliers and internal stakeholders, improving scalability in its finance operations.

With Workday Extend, Netflix can process supplier PO requests, invoices, and financial commitments more quickly, and employees no longer rely on spreadsheets as data sources. As a result, Netflix has improved the speed and accuracy of accrual bookings.