Guide your organization to better health.

Leverage AI and machine learning (ML) to gain deeper insights, automate tasks, reduce burnout, and increase supply chain resilience so you can focus on quality patient care.

Cuts time to fill positions from 60 days to 30 days to build a workforce for the future of health.

Saves $4.6 million in the first 6 months with a resilient healthcare supply chain.

Saves $650,000 annually by reducing accounting FTEs needed, building financial sustainability of care delivery.

Achieves 751% ROI in two months with insights for a value-based industry.


Accelerate value with solutions made for healthcare.

With the Industry Accelerator for Healthcare, you benefit from a global ecosystem of partners to help you adapt, innovate, and scale—all while fast-tracking your digital transformation.


Workforce for the Future of Health

Resilient Healthcare Supply Chain

Financial Sustainability of Care Delivery

Insights for a Value-Based Industry

IDC infobrief for healthcare

IDC infobrief: agility at the core.

Healthcare providers are seeing incredible potential across the industry to address pre-existing and emerging challenges. Explore the IDC findings to discover why digital transformation is needed to realize this potential.

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