Build a nimble insurance organization.

Ready to turn your data into a business asset? With Workday, you gain real-time insight and a flexible system. So you can spot opportunities, uncover risks, and quickly act on what you see.

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Automates premiums and claims data integration using automated and scalable finance.

Shortens the close cycle by 25% using financial reporting and analytics.

Increases IT efficiency by 27% using continuous and company-wide planning.

Cuts auction cycle time by 80% using spend management.

Gains 24/7 insights into staff development and improves communication with talent management.


A use for all aspects of your organization.

With the Industry Accelerator for Insurance, you benefit from a global ecosystem of partners to help you adapt, innovate, and scale—all while fast-tracking your digital transformation.

Automated and Scalable Finance

Financial Reporting and Analytics

Continuous and Company-Wide Planning

Proactive Spend Management

Talent Management

IDC infobrief for insurance

IDC infobrief: how tech helps insurance adapt.

The insurance industry is bracing for change, and organizations are looking to technology to adapt. Explore the IDC findings to learn about the industry’s top pain points and the role of technology in addressing them.

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