Advancing our values through public policy.

At Workday, trust and transparency are core to everything we do. That’s why we advocate for policies that bolster trust in technology, enable growth, and ignite innovation for the future of work.

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Leading the way to trusted technology policy.

We collaborate with policymakers, customers, and industry partners to advance trust in technology. 

We advocate on technology policy issues.

We share our cloud and machine learning expertise.

We let our core values guide our public policy engagement.


Privacy and data protection.

The privacy of our customers’ data has always been our priority. We believe privacy is a fundamental right and are proud to support strong privacy protections worldwide.

Protecting data across borders.

We’re committed to the free flow of data without compromising privacy.

Supporting U.S. legislation.

We’ve long advocated for strong U.S. federal privacy legislation.

Spearheading compliance.

From APEC PRP and Privacy Shield to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, we’re demonstrating worldwide compliance.

AI and ML.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can revolutionize business when used responsibly. We’re working toward a trustworthy and ethical policy framework.

Building trust with principles and practice.

Based on our experience developing enterprise cloud applications, we advocate for AI regulation that balances trust and innovation.

Engaging in Europe.

We worked closely with European Union policymakers on the Landmark AI Act.

Laying foundations in Asia.

We’re collaborating with governments across Asia on regulation to promote responsible AI.

Workforce development.

As the business landscape continues to change, we believe technology, paired with strong policy, can help create better, more equitable workplaces for all.

Taking a skills-based approach.

With skills becoming more important than ever, we’re focused on how policy can shape the way people work, hire, and grow in their careers.

Matching talent to opportunity.

We’ve seen firsthand how AI and ML can help workers grow their skills and mitigate the impact of rapid change on employment.

Proposing a path forward.

We’ve proposed policy recommendations spanning skills-based hiring, reskilling incentives, digital credentials, and open data.

Climate change.

At Workday, we believe that policy solutions are key to securing a sustainable future for our planet and people.

Taking a stance.

We support policies that reduce carbon emissions and ensure an equitable transition to a net-zero economy.

Supporting strong climate policy.

We support the goals of the Paris Agreement and science-based U.S. climate policy.

Making a global impact.

Workday teams up with organizations and other businesses to nurture a healthier planet and a brighter work day for all.

Let’s connect on policy.