Build apps that run within your Workday applications.

Harness the ingenuity of your developers and the power of Workday to meet your unique needs more rapidly and securely than you can with general-purpose platforms.

Workday platform integrated and extended with other applications.

“Using Workday Extend to build our Education Assistance app allowed us to replace a manual process with a streamlined, digital experience.”

See how organizations are building apps to meet their needs.

Request a Consultant and Temp Engagement apps streamline onboarding and replace an external system reducing risk and cost.

Managers can use the Annual Compensation Review―Decision Guide app to make more equitable compensation decisions.

Return-to-office and invoice request apps improve agility, reduce invoice backlog, and adhere to the data security model.

IBM’s Payslips app delivers a simple two-click payslip experience for employees, on any device.

Netflix uses its Supplier Managed Requisitions app to automate and simplify its supplier processes.

Otis develops a Humanitarian Relief app in three days to connect employees in Ukraine to colleagues offering help.

The PGA can pay out tournament winners at 6,000 events using its Purse Management app.

Develops 3 apps in 8 months, improving employee experience and increasing nurse retention by 50%.

With its Education Assistance app, employees can request tuition reimbursement for training before registering.

The college’s TEAMS app quickly identifies students who need support and resources to meet their academic goals.

Target developed and deployed apps that support team members’ health, compensation processes, and work-life balance.

With its Vaccine Management app, the university can track vaccine status across its staff and faculty in one place.

The Achievement Badge app offers over 20 badge types and cultivates a learning culture while saving development time.

With its Major/Minor Programs and Plans app, students can declare majors and minors and submit academic plans.

The WoW Project Onboarding app extends existing project features so Workday engagement managers can streamline tasks.

“Using Workday Extend means we utilize all the benefits of the core Workday architectural principles—removing the reasons to operate outside of Workday.”

Innovate alongside Workday.

Innovation doesn’t just belong at Workday; it belongs at your company as well. Whether you want to increase engagement, simplify experiences, or optimize processes, Workday Extend helps you develop creative solutions for your unique challenges.


Build new employee programs.

Build vaccine management and reentry apps so you can safely return your workforce back to the workplace.

Optimize reimbursement processes.

Allow employees to submit tuition reimbursements as well as collect degree and course data before reimbursement.

Enhance financial experiences.

Design a guided project-close process that automates tasks. Or create a portal for suppliers to enter purchase orders.

Consolidate application experiences.

Nominate employees for promotion, or give them a single-page view of base and variable pay, benefits, and equity.

Tailor rewards and recognition.

Make it easy to submit one-time rewards or peer feedback, and allow employees to define their equity/cash compensation ratio.

Resources to get you started fast.

Starting from scratch is never easy. Use our certified partner solutions, app catalog, and contributed solutions to jump-start using Workday Extend with ease and confidence.

Partner Solutions

Sometimes you need an expert at your side. Workday partners with a select group of companies that offer services and solutions to accelerate Workday Extend app design and deployment.


App Catalog

The App Catalog is a curated library of pre-built app templates and reference apps covering common financial and people scenarios that can be quickly configured and deployed to your tenant.

  • Charitable Donations
  • COVID-19 Return to Work
  • Employee Recognition
  • Gift Registry
  • Project Billing Review
  • Project Close Automation
  • Request Credit Card
  • Vaccine Management

Contributed Solutions

When you choose Workday, you join a community where customers and partners share ideas, learn best practices, and contribute solutions—helping you deepen your knowledge and maximize your investment.

  • Declaration Form
  • Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • Proof of Vaccination Status

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