Project Management

Project management at Workday.

Go beyond project management. Deep-dive into your area of expertise with teams and experts of all backgrounds.

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Use a paintbrush, not a hammer.

Come see why we break the stereotypes for project managers and work as one with our technical teams.

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A broad team.


Workmates collaborating worldwide.


customers around the world using our products.

Breaking the PM stereotype.

A flat organization.

From fellow PMs to senior VPs, you’ll be working side by side with all types of Workmates.

A strong culture.

Collaboration culture is so deeply embedded in us that project management becomes a craft.

A bright career ahead.

Get out of your comfort zone, expand your horizons, and grow in your career.


Key positions in project management at Workday.

Work on all sorts of high-impact projects with Workmates who trust you.

Program Manager

Coordinate multiple projects while getting involved with diverse areas and teams in our company.

Project Manager

Bring together key resources to deliver results for both our customers and our internal Workmates.

Agile Coach

Use your passion for improvement to help teams experiment and find new ways to deliver value to users.


Image of Chelsea who is a Program Manager

“Being able to collaborate cross-functionally with other teams and groups is one of the best parts about my role. It helps build new connections and brings a diversity of knowledge and backgrounds to the task at hand.”

Program Manager

Image of Kimarah who is a Program Manager

“Being a program manager is not just about process; it is about people too, and I love that I get to collaborate with the best people at Workday to reach our objectives.”

Program Manager

Workday Life Blog

Learn more about project management at Workday.Stay up to date with the latest from our Project Management team to see what life is like at Workday.

Mitch - Project Manager at Workday

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Marcello - Localization Program Manager at Workday

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Jean-Luc - Program Manager at Workday

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