AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning at Workday.

For our machine learning engineers and data scientists, trying new ideas and thinking outside the box is just another day at the office.

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Millions of users, powered by data.

Deploy algorithms at start-up speed, with the backing and stability of the enterprise.

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What we’re building.

More than 40

machine learning (ML) use cases in production and available to our customers.

More than 2,000

customers opted to use ML in Workday.

We care about our work.

Clients trust us.

Our clients trust us because not only do we care about technology, but we also believe in using it responsibly.

Innovation at the core.

At Workday, you’re empowered to solve real business problems with the latest technologies.

Grow at your pace.

As our product and ML  grows, so do your opportunities to learn and advance in your career.

It’s all in your brain.

A thoughtful approach.

At Workday, you’ll apply machine learning and generative AI where they are best suited to provide the most value.

Human-centric design.

Watch your ideas come to life for the largest clients in the world.


Key positions in AI and ML at Workday.

Work with thousands of clients around the world with an AI and ML position at Workday.

Machine Learning Engineer

Use technologies, methods, and challenges to deploy and monitor complex arrays of ML models.

Data Engineer

Architect the data platform to empower applications, observability, ML models, anomaly detection, and more.

Data Scientist

Work in exciting data science projects, like integrating Large Language Models (LLM) into our analytical solution.


Image of workmate Puja who is a Data Management Manager

“We not only have a really robust process to track our career, but also our leaders play an important role—from helping to set up goals to learning new core skills.”

Data Management Manager

Image of workmate Madhura who is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer

“I have peace of mind that I can focus on both my career growth and company growth. Workmates are here to grow together and this is the environment everyone should have.”

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

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