Government Use Case

The planning system built for government organizations.

Workday Adaptive Planning gives government organizations the power to plan, budget, and forecast the future.

Workday Adaptive Planning for Government, Decision Pack Funding Dashboard

Key use cases.

Explore models built for government organizations.

  • Decision package modeling—Run what-if scenarios to choose which combination of requested items fall within given funding levels.
  • Program expense budgeting—Plan direct costs and allocate head count and overhead across funds, programs, and locations. Give budget owners access to data with drill-down capabilities.
  • Staff and personnel planning—Plan headcount as well as salary, benefits, taxes and other employee related costs across departments. Integrate HR and payroll systems to pull in employee data and utilize multiple fringe rate assumptions.
  • Revenue and funding modeling—Forecast income from tax collections, fees, port traffic, grants, service offerings, and other revenue generating activities.
  • Match programs with funding—Model decision packages against funding levels, build program expense budgets, plan staff and personnel, and forecast income from fees, collections, and service activities.

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