Scenario planning for every contingency.

Workday Adaptive Planning’s scenario planning dashboard.


Model multiple scenarios easily—no matter how complex your business.

To keep pace with today’s changing business landscape, finance teams need scenario planning software that lets them weigh different courses of action before deciding the best path.

  • Driver-based plans
  • Team-led planning
  • Robust reporting
  • Linked plans

Better models. Better decisions.

Workday Adaptive Planning’s 'what if' scenario planning screen.

Create in-depth what-if scenarios and models so you can see the impact of each decision and course-correct before you get too far off track.

Compare multiple scenarios.

Thanks to driver-based scenario planning, you can spin off countless scenarios at a moment’s notice, explore the different possibilities, and identify the best outcome.

By automatically importing actuals for you, our scenario planning capabilities align your assumptions with actual market conditions. The result? Faster forecast cycles.

When the entire organization shares a single source of truth, it’s easy to stay aligned as plans change.

“In today’s society you don’t have the time to turn a big ship slowly. You have to do it efficiently and effectively, and that’s where we see analytics within Workday Adaptive Planning as a true driving force.”


Plan for every scenario.

Driver-based plans.

Create flexible models that combine high-level, top-down growth and margin-based targets with detailed, bottom-up personnel rosters and pipeline forecasts. So you can reconcile gaps and identify opportunities.

Team-led planning.

Manage plans, assign tasks, and track progress at the individual or cross-functional level. And with role-based access to models, everyone can take part in the planning process.

Linked plans.

Easily share data, dimensions, charts of accounts, and organization structures between finance, sales, HR, and operations.

Robust reporting.

Our easy-to-use, flexible reporting lets you monitor your organization's health and keep track of your KPIs. So you can identify trends and course-correct when you need to.

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