Our Culture

What makes Workday a best workplace?

Our culture, of course.

At Workday, employees have been number one—since day one. Our founders knew that a unique corporate culture would differentiate us and serve as a foundation for our success.

So we set out to create an amazing workplace for all. One where everyone is valued, heard, inspired, and encouraged to bring their full selves to work. It’s what Workday life is all about.



Our culture empowers our employees to achieve their organizational objectives, give their personal best, and work together as a team—ultimately defining who we are as a company and the customer experience we provide.

Aneel Bhusri

Co-Founder and CEO, Workday

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Our core values.

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and help us enjoy our time at work. They drive our daily decisions, identify our focus areas, and inspire our organizational culture.


“Employees first” isn’t just a mantra for us, but a way of life. They are the source of our success and our number one value. After all, our employees help us build a great company, a world-class product, and a better world.

Customer Service

Customer service influences everything we do. From building products to serving customers, we pull out all the stops to give our customers the very best. It’s why we lead the industry in customer satisfaction.


We love to test new features, dream up big ideas, create original approaches—because the status quo is just not good enough. It’s this thinking that keeps us at the forefront of technology and allows everyone at Workday to innovate.


We fundamentally believe in doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. We honor our commitments, treat everyone equally, and cherish honesty above all else.


Sure—we work hard. But we play hard, too. From community and company events to following our passions outside of work, we deepen connections with one another and go beyond business as usual.


Profitability is important to us, but it’s how we achieve it that truly matters. So we do the right thing, live our values, and make every day fun. Because we know profitability is a by-product of happy employees and happy customers.