Explore value management in vendor management.

Need to justify the cost of a vendor management system (VMS) for your contingent workforce management program? We can help. Our value study estimates the ROI you can expect from the Workday VNDLY VMS.

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Build the business case for a VMS.

Discover how a VMS—such as Workday VNDLY—can help you automate manual processes, streamline workflows, and optimize costs. And then learn how to communicate that value to your organization.

Communicate with confidence.

Learn how to build a business case for your VMS investment.

Explore VMS value and ROI.

Get a big-picture overview of the VMS benefits that contribute to ROI.

Value Realized

Hear from a Workday VNDLY customer.

Wondering how Workday VNDLY is creating value for our current customers? Banner Health shares how our VMS has been crucial to bringing contingent labor into its total workforce planning efforts.

Faster sourcing.

Cut time to source extended workers by 66%.

Quicker onboarding.

Decreased external worker onboarding time from 14 days to 7.

Simplified tech ecosystem.

Reduced systems from 7 to 1.

Significant  savings.

Saved millions of dollars in annual administrative fees.

We support you from day one.

With Workday, you get a true partner in your contingent labor management program. From the decision-making process through deployment (and beyond), our team will make sure you have the customized support you need to set your business up for success.

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Highlighting customer success.

Our results speak for themselves. Take a look at the value some of our customers have achieved with the Workday VNDLY VMS.


saved in initial setup costs.


reduction in spend.


less time on duplicate data entry.


decrease in turnaround time.

Sample of customer outcomes presented in 2023 Workday Rising sessions.

Estimate your Workday VNDLY ROI.