One workforce, working together.

Combine Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and the Workday VNDLY vendor management system (VMS) to enable an agile, unified approach that optimizes efficiency and compliance across your total workforce.


Total talent management—made easy.

As contingent labor use increases, organizations need solutions designed for managing both full-time employees and external workers—driving demand for a connected HCM and VMS.

Increase workforce agility and adaptability.

Support critical decision-making with a real-time view of your total workforce. Take a total workforce approach to hiring, and factor in contingent hires from the start to quickly scale as needed.

Optimize total workforce spend.

Gain visibility into total workforce costs and improve your ability to quickly determine whether a full-time hire or contingent worker is the more cost-effective approach.

Mitigate compliance and security risks. 

Standardize security protocols by provisioning and deprovisioning in Workday, creating total visibility into worker access. Our technology supports local legislative compliance. 

Learn how embracing the contingent workforce is key to an adaptive HR strategy. 


Maximize your Workday investment.

Workday VNDLY is the only VMS that hooks directly into the Workday core data foundation. That means your extended workers light up across Workday applications, optimizing your investment for the continuous improvement of your contingent labor approach.


Align your tech ecosystem.

The strong connection between Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workday VNDLY empowers you with real-time, bidirectional data synchronization that bolsters your ability to manage and scale your entire workforce.

Address labor shortages and skills gaps.

Simplify hiring practices with connected solutions designed for sourcing, hiring, and managing every worker type in order to fill today’s talent needs and prepare for tomorrow’s.

Build a total workforce strategy.

Plan, source, manage, and analyze your extended workforce in tandem with your full-time employees through easy access to the data needed for better decision‑making.

Streamline and protect your data.

Support the secure sharing of information through prebuilt connection points—reducing  complexity and manual effort, and saving time and money.

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