Student records built for students and admins alike.

Screenshot of student record screen showing academic history.


Keep everyone on track.

Student records management enables faculty, students, and administrative staff to quickly access academic records, track progress, and take action.

Students benefit from a simplified registration experience while your institution gains the flexibility to design academic policies and calendars that work for everyone.

  • Course catalog and scheduling management
  • Registration prep and analytics
  • Leave of absence questionnaires

  • Grading and GPA calculations
  • Transfer credit
  • Engagement plans across the student lifecycle

Enrollment management dashboard showing planned versus actual enrollment trends and a graph of open faculty positions.

Curriculum management that adapts to your needs.

A framework that works for you.

Our business process framework lets you run concurrent academic life cycles, stackable credentials, and program of study relationships.

Designed with flexibility in mind.

Configure academic policies, calendaring, and program of study requirements for unique programs and departments. 

Deeper insights, all in the cloud.

Gain total visibility into the academic planner and understand course demand. With Workday, you can plan faculty staffing around your institution’s needs.

“Workday provides stakeholders with a dramatically improved technology experience. Most importantly, it improves our ability to deliver modern and efficient services to our students.”

My Academic Plan dashboard listing the students remaining academic requirements.

Registration without the frustration.

Planning courses and registering used to be time-consuming and tedious. Not anymore. With Workday, students can register and track their learning on any device, from anywhere.

Build registration how you like.

Construct registration appointments, define reserve capacity, and set wait-listing policies to match how your institution works.

Proactively solve problems.

Allow students to see if they’re eligible for a course so they can avoid registration problems. If issues do come up, our  troubleshooting tools help resolve them fast.

Make course planning easy.

Empower students to plan and save schedules before they register. When it’s time, they can register from a saved schedule or directly from their academic planner in just a few clicks.

Keep students in the loop.

Give students coming off the wait-list the good news with a push notification. Then allow them to register on the spot.

“Workday Student has transformed the way our students engage with their academic information at Babson. The registration experience, the degree tracking, and the academic planning have empowered students in truly meaningful ways.”

Student profile with a list of competencies.

Student records that put the student first.

Empower students to take control.

With Workday, students can access and update their records, information, and documents from any device, taking charge of their information.

Workday lets you highlight skills and competencies and attach them to courses, giving you deeper insights and helping you  satisfy accreditation requirements.

When student data changes, Workday Financial Aid detects it and reacts to changes automatically. Students get the aid they need, and you can focus more on helping them succeed.

Define multiple GPAs and configure how they can be calculated so your students can see their performance and stay on track.

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