Simple, easy financial aid management.

Financial aid dashboard showing financial aid awarded by program, unmet need of top applicants, and verification and ISIR review report.


Take the pain out of the financial aid process.

Get the flexibility and control you need to simplify the financial aid process from beginning to end.

With Workday Student, you can define institution-specific aid requirements and automate manual processes, freeing you up to help students get ahead.

  • ISIR processing and verification
  • Cost of attendance assignment
  • Need- and merit-based packaging
  • Integration with external programs
  • Powerful calculation engine
  • Easy-to-use application interface
Screenshot of financial aid screen to set up reaction rules

A financial aid system that makes everything simpler.

Easily determine eligibility.

Automate ISIR load and assign action items for students to complete. Then use our built-in EFC calculator to change data and view results on eligibility right away.

Automatically update aid.

Anytime student information changes, such as registration or residency status, Workday instantly recalculates attendance costs and aid packages for you.

Achieve continuous compliance.

Stay on top of regulatory changes in ISIR records, Pell Tables, and more. We continuously deliver compliance updates, making it easy to manage regulations.

Grant awards with confidence.

Define awards based on your institution’s rules and application attributes. Our powerful calculation engine lets you determine the right award amounts.

Time off request being made on a mobile and desktop device.

Built-in flexibility.

Today, academic periods and courses often don’t fit into the “standard” periods. Workday understands that. It’s why we deliver the flexibility and automation to process financial aid whenever you need to.

Account for courses that don’t fit into the “standard” semester.

Calculate the weeks of instruction based on start and end dates.

Automatically detect enrollment changes and recalculate aid.

Screenshot of finances dashboard screen showing financial aid action items, account activity, and outstanding charges.

Guide students along the way.

Applying for financial aid can be complicated. That’s why our intuitive external site helps students complete requirements and upload forms. 

When it’s time for next steps, Workday allows students to view awards and pay for tuition.

Two mobile phones showing financial aid action items, and an accept/decline awards screen.

Works perfectly with work-study.

Workday is the only system that enables students to accept federal work-study awards, as well as to search and apply to job openings. 

And when paired with HCM and payroll, it’s even easier to track hours, monitor limits, and collect a paycheck.

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