Academic advising that guides every student to success.

Academics dashboard showing support network contacts, schedule, progress, and registration requirements.


Provide a clear path to achievement.

Academic advising from Workday helps students find their right path to academic completion—and keeps them on it.

With easy-to-use academic planning functions and insight into degree requirements and eligibility, you can continuously keep students informed of their progress.

  • Academic progress
  • Academic requirements and eligibility rules
  • Drag-and-drop academic planning
  • Programs of study explorations
  • Easy access to your support network

Make academic planning easy.

Figuring out how to earn a degree used to be a struggle. But not anymore.

With the academic planner in Workday, students can model different paths to graduation, assess course eligibility and availability across future semesters, and see the impact of their selections as they plan.

Course details and course registration using drag-and-drop feature on desktop.

Keep everyone on track.

Traditional degree auditing usually happens at the end of a student's educational journey. But now, students and staff can understand remaining program requirements at any point in time. 

"Workday Student is bringing degree audit self-service to students, helping them better understand how they are progressing towards their degree."

Academic progress dashboard showing GPA and requirements. 2020R1

Connect students to their support network.

Make it easy for students to get the guidance they need, when they need it. With Workday, students can request advising appointments at any time. And you can nudge them to see their advisor if it’s been too long.

A form for students to request an appointment.

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