Payroll Software for the U.S.

Control and agility for all.

Autonomous efficiency and effortless experience—in a unified system. Workday Payroll for the U.S. enables organizations to increase productivity while adapting to changing demands.

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Get payroll right every time.

Always-on automation, payroll insights with anomaly detection, and the flexibility to build custom setups—tapping into the capabilities of tomorrow means leveraging AI and unified data to consistently deliver better experiences and insights, today.

  • Continuous payroll processing
  • Real-time visibility
  • Configurable audits
  • Built-in reporting and analytics
  • Mobile-first employee experience
  • Year-end dashboard
  • e-IWO and FLSA support


Improve payroll efficiency with AI.

Automate manual tasks to reduce processing errors, lower the risk of non-compliance, and eliminate manual interpretation of pay rules while freeing up staff so they can focus on more strategic work. 

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Proactively manage compliance.

We continuously monitor regulatory changes at every level of jurisdiction to help you manage compliance. Easily see which changes are coming, when they take place, and how they affect your employees.

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Elevate everyone’s experience.

Provide payroll professionals with an easy-to-use system that runs payroll continuously and reflects real-time changes while offering employees a streamlined, all-in-one experience that meets them in the flow of their work.

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The right level of payroll services.

From coast to coast and beyond—adhere to local regulations, policies, and best practices. So all workers are paid accurately, timely, and compliantly, and have an engaging payroll experience regardless of location.

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