Workday vs. Other HR Payroll Solutions

Don’t settle for subpar payroll.

Workday Payroll is designed to increase productivity—not hinder it—by improving decision-making and adapting to changing business demands. See how switching to Workday can help streamline your payroll.


Payroll that pays off.

With embedded AI and machine learning (ML), our open cloud platform delivers always-on automation, compliance with anomaly detection, and the flexibility to build custom capabilities—giving you a foundation for workforce operational excellence.

  • One unified solution

  • Adaptable framework

  • An intuitive experience

  • Built-in analytics

  • Global payroll

Other HR Payroll Solutions

Payroll that costs you.

Other payroll solutions have a hard time evolving with worker expectations and regulations. Without real-time, actionable insights, organizations experience decreased employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

  • Siloed payroll solutions

  • Limited flexibility

  • Disconnected data


  • Complicated reporting functionality


  • Incompatible integrations


  • Manual payroll filled with errors

Customers all over the world achieve amazing results with Workday.

One Unified Solution

Streamlined, automated payroll.

With Workday, payroll-impacting transactions such as employment status, compensation changes, and benefit changes are automatically fed into payroll. Now it’s easy to process payroll and pay employees on time while delivering a global user experience.

Reduce payroll processing costs.

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce labor costs associated with payroll administration. Enjoy running payroll any time without additional processing fees.

Continuous calculation.

As payroll-impacting events occur, continuous calculation functionality automatically recalculates payroll—which can save you time, reduce errors, and give finance real-time worker costs at any given moment.

Screenshot of continuous payroll calculation pipeline report in Workday.


Highly configurable.

Traditional payroll applications provide hard-coded out-of-the-box packages that often don’t accommodate specific needs. Meanwhile, Workday is highly configurable to meet the most complex payroll calculations and ever-changing rules and regulations.

Compliance support with visibility.

Workday delivers legislative and regulatory updates seamlessly and automatically. You have visual insight into how your workforce is affected and the tools to alert employees, spot-check payroll results, and answer any questions.

Take control of your payroll.

While other payroll solutions require you to contact third-party customer service to make simple payroll changes, Workday gives you complete control. Add earnings, change accounting details, and create reports hassle-free.

Screenshot of payroll compliance updates dashboard in Workday.

An intuitive experience

A familiar user experience.

Workday uses a consumer-grade UI across all desktop and mobile devices for a modern, cohesive, and role-aware user experience—which makes interaction with our platform even easier.

One-stop shop.

Unlike other solutions, with Workday, employees can view HR, benefits, compensation, time, absence, and payroll details in a unified system on their device of choice, reducing HR and payroll inquiries.

Comprehensive and actionable.

Embedded benefits and pay hub dashboards help employees conveniently review and maintain their benefits, compensation, and payroll information. Now it’s even easier to keep your team updated on their financial wellness.

Benefits and pay overview dashboard in Workday.


Real-time insights.

Real-time analytics embedded with transactions allow you to retrieve, understand, and act on payroll data immediately. With Workday, you can view up-to-date worker costs as payroll-impacting transactions occur.

Smart audits.

Workday Payroll can schedule recurring audits to run automatically and surface exceptions in real time. Our platform gives you the flexibility to set up audit rules and audit exceptions that matter to you and your business.

Secure, updated data.

With Workday, there’s no need to run multiple reports and distribute them to management. Our secure platform lets you create role-based permissions.

Payroll dashboard in Workday.


Count on global support.

By design, Workday was built to support multicultural organizations and the evolving regulatory landscape. Whether you’re located in 10 countries or 100, we enable you to operate locally and manage business globally.

A global experience.

Our platform makes it easy to deliver one experience for every type of worker, globally. And employees can view HR, time, and pay details together from the device of their choice.

A global, centralized view.

Workday offers unprecedented insight into local payroll processing around the world and gives control back to your HR and payroll administrators for a complete view of your global workforce and costs.

Global labor costs dashboard in Workday.

“Since go-live, our payroll processing time has been cut in half.”

—Consulting Manager, Tulsa County Oklahoma


Workday Payroll—the preferred choice.


rank in market share and growth for the HCM and payroll markets.


improvement in payroll capabilities after switching to Workday.


reduction in payroll cycle times among Workday customers.

Frequently asked questions about HR Payroll Systems.

What is an HR payroll system?

A flexible, end-to-end single cloud solution for HR, payroll, and finance, with dedicated account-level support and services.

A single HR solution automatically recalculates payroll when changes occur.

Yes, but payroll-impacting transactions such as  compensation, benefits, and time inputs are automatically calculated without manual integrations.

Workday gives you complete control over adding and editing pay components, while automatically recalculating payroll results in real time—while other solutions can require you to log a request and wait.

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