UK payroll that puts you in control.

Payroll compliance dashboard for the UK showing delivered compliance updates for the previous week.


Get payroll compliance right.

Payroll regulations change all the time, but our team in the UK is here to help you manage payroll efficiently. 

With payroll management software for the UK from Workday, you get the insight and support needed to proactively manage change.

  • Continuous payroll processing
  • Real-time visibility
  • Configurable audits
  • Built-in reporting and analytics
  • Mobile-first employee experience
  • Seamless tax updates
  • Mobile P60 and flexible RTI

Converted processing of 40,000 timesheets per year from paper to digital.

All you need to manage payroll for the UK.

Payroll employee dashboard for the UK showing earnings and deductions, pay history, and time off balances.

Year-end processing with a boost.

Manage real-time information (RTI) and P60 reporting directly in Workday—saving time and boosting productivity along the way.

Tax updates made easy.

See which HMRC notifications are coming, when they are taking place, and how they might affect your employees and organization.

Self-service that empowers employees.

It’s easy for workers to update time and absence, and to view payslips and P60 documents from any device.

Flexibility to adapt to change.

Whether it’s your changing workforce, new regulations, or unique setups, Workday helps you easily and quickly configure payroll to meet your needs.

Two people putting two puzzle pieces together

The right level of payroll services.

Whether you want a fully outsourced payroll solution or a managed payroll service provider, Workday partners with experts such as Alight and OneSource Virtual to help. With us, you gain the flexibility to dial payroll services up or down, while still maintaining payroll control and visibility.

Payroll dashboard showing graphs for headcount by group, year-to-date employer cost as percentage of gross pay, and payroll taxes by month.

Manage payroll your way.

With a broad spectrum of global enterprise payroll capabilities that simplify your processes and evolve with your needs, you gain the control, flexibility, and insight to run payroll your way.

“Workday has enabled us to have that single source of truth that everybody always talks about but few people have.”

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