A streamlined approach to grants management.

Grants management dashboard showing bar graph for grant revenue by quarter and a pie graph for remaining award balance.

what you can do

Manage grant compliance without the admin work.

Grants can be complicated. But managing them doesn’t have to be. 

Workday grant tracking  helps you meet grantor and organizational requirements for budgeting, accounting, billing, reporting, and compliance.

  • Automated regulatory, grantor, and sponsor compliance
  • Visibility into all grant components
  • Expenditure tracking
  • Effort certification
Dashboard showing tables for funding, committed effort, and purchases for grant awards.

Real-time insight for next-level efficiency.

Grant management software from Workday eliminates reporting errors, losses from unspent funds, and the risks associated with noncompliance.

A single system with a complete view.

With full visibility into terms and conditions, dates, balances, and more, you can ensure that all grant requirements are met. 

A clear picture of your expenditures.

See costs and revenue in real time for a complete view of your financial position, so you can control unnecessary spending. 

Effort certification without the effort.

Easily ensure that individuals have met their commitments to a sponsored project—and that their wages are commensurate with their work.

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