Bank streamlines processes to enhance agility, efficiency and performance.

Absa consolidates its HR systems to streamline its resources, saving time, cost and effort with no fall in output.

HR headcount down by 20% with no fall in output

Share of employees with completed talent profile up by 500%

Roles covered by succession planning up by over 100%

Absa’s HR department was overstaffed, spent 20% of its time updating dashboards, and it could take up to 10 days to carry out a talent review.

It also had 25 separate systems in place, preventing an integrated approach, and fewer than 10% of management roles were covered by succession planning.

It was time for change.

When Covid hit, we couldn’t have coped with our old HR systems. Workday turned things around.

Head of HR IS & Shared Services

More performance, less pressure.

Workday’s end-to-end HR solution has improved time and cost-efficiency, unifying processes and capabilities across HQ and operations in nine African countries. Consolidating systems from 25 to five and improved self-service across the workforce have greatly reduced pressure on HR, enabling lower headcount with no fall in quantity or quality of output.

Enhanced ability to cope with crises.

Absa could not have managed the Covid-19 crisis with the old HR system. The new efficiencies enabled by remote set-up and access, time-relevant surveys and messaging to specific work populations have radically improved operational agility. Centralized processes to manage succession for key positions are also drastically strengthening Absa’s ability to appoint from within, driving cost, efficiency and quality improvements.

Improved talent review process.

Before Workday, talent reviews took up to 10 days. Now they take just four hours, meaning HR can carry out reviews for much more of the workforce, improving performance and value at every level..

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