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Technology Use Case

Engage your people, boost your innovation.

Use real-time insights to improve the engagement and well-being of your employees, foster innovation, and drive growth.

Screenshot of Peakon Employee Voice attrition segments.

Benefits for tech companies.

Our intelligent listening technology provides real-time insights to help your organization inspire engagement and improve productivity. 

Foster innovation.

Engaged employees inspire a culture of creativity and purpose, which leads to new ideas, new revenue streams, and new business models.

Retain top talent.

Optimize engagement to help employees stay connected to their work and each other—and to prevent costly attrition.

Thrive in the face of disruption.

By focusing on employee strengths and priorities, you can boost engagement to handle growth expectations and pivots.

Create an inclusive culture.

Improving your visibility into DEI metrics helps promote diversity and drive growth.

See Workday Peakon Employee Voice in action.

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