Transparency Report

Government Request Transparency Report No. 7

Workday is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the information our customers submit into Workday’s enterprise cloud applications and services (“Customer Content”) and meeting our obligations as a processor of that data. Providing transparency to our customers in the event we receive a valid, binding legal process from law enforcement or other government agencies for access to Customer Content (a “Government Request”) is an ongoing part of Workday commitment. 


This report covers the period from November 1, 2023, through to April 30, 2024 (“Covered Period”).

We will publish this report twice a year. During the Covered Period, Workday has not received a Government Request.

Transparency Metrics for the Covered Period

Types of Government Requests

  Subpoenas Search Warrants Court Orders Total
Numbers received 0 0 0 0

Government Requests by Country

The table below shows the total number of Government Requests received during the Covered Period, organized by country of origin.

Country Number of Government Requests Received
United States 0
International 0
Total 0

Government Requests by Response

The table below shows the total number of Government Requests received during the Covered Period, categorized by whether Customer Content was disclosed.

  Data Disclosed No Data Disclosed Total
Numbers received 0 0 0

U.S. National Security Requests

Workday has not received a national security request from a U.S. government agency. In particular, Workday has not received a National Security Letter (“NSL”) or a request under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”), including under FISA Section 702.

Workday Policies

Workday believes that any Government Request should be directed to the Workday customer that owns and controls the data. If a law enforcement or government agency contacts Workday directly, Workday will inform the agency that it is a processor of the Customer Content and will attempt to redirect the agency to make the request directly to the relevant customer.

In the event that Workday receives a Government Request and is unsuccessful in redirecting it to the relevant customer, Workday will carefully review the request to ensure that it is valid, binding, and lawful, and complies with all applicable legal and statutory safeguards. Workday will use reasonable and lawful efforts to challenge any Government Request that does not meet these requirements. Workday will not disclose Customer Content in response to a Government Request unless required by law. Workday will notify the relevant customer of the request unless Workday is legally prohibited from doing so. Further information about relevant Workday policies and procedures is available on Workday Community.

Date: May 14, 2024