Use data to guarantee a safe return to the workplace.

To bring people back to the workplace, you need to know when it’s safe and when employees are ready. With Workday Prism Analytics, you can use data to determine the best timing for returning to the workplace.

Sample COVID-19 Return to Work Analysis dashboard

Questions you can answer.

  • How do our workers and skills align with high-risk areas and current hot spots?
  • How are my people feeling, and how does employee sentiment vary by team or location?
  • Who is ready to return to work and how does that align with the readiness of where they work?
  • What resources or materials can we provide to support our workers who are still working at home?
  • How does building capacity align to my workforce with social distancing precautions in place?
  • How is current inventory of PPE and cleaning materials tracking against our goal?
  • Which workers are occupying the same space at the same time, based on badge scans?

Data sources you can ingest.

  • Facilities badging systems
  • Facilities repair and maintenance systems
  • Public health systems
  • Lease management systems
  • Supplier contract management systems
  • Workforce scheduling and staffing/freelance systems
  • Contingent worker management systems
  • Compliance and management reporting

Blended metrics you can generate.

  • Active cases by organization or job profile
  • Risk level by organization or job profile
  • Employee sentiment by organization or job profile
  • Active cases by location
  • Risk level by location or job profile
  • Office utilization by location and local guidelines
  • Badge scans by location and active cases
  • PPE and cleaning materials vs. goal by location

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