Hotels Use Case

See how hotels can use Workday Prism Analytics.

Answer key questions by blending property, guest, loyalty, POS, campaign, Workday data, and much more in your own data hub for finance and HR.

Workday Prism Analytics hotel operations dashboard

Questions you can answer.

  • How many rooms are occupied across each of our properties?
  • What is the impact of pricing, awards, promotions, and external events on occupancy?
  • How successful is each of our hotels at filling rooms by type, market, submarket, segment, brand, and period?
  • What is the overall financial performance of our properties?
  • Are we pricing correctly across each property?
  • What is the percent of online revenue coming in directly vs. from expensive third-party channels and travel agents?

Data sources you can ingest.

  • Property management system
  • Loyalty system
  • Campaign performance system
  • External benchmarking system
  • CRM/PMS guest management system
  • External survey system 
  • F&B point of sale
  • Leisure/events system
  • Loyalty system
  • Vendor management system

Blended metrics you can generate.

  • Available rooms and bookings by property
  • Average occupancy rates by property
  • Occupancy rates by rate changes, awards, events, and campaigns
  • Staffing required to support occupancy
  • Inventory required to support occupancy
  • Revenue, expenses, and profit by occupancy
  • Scheduled and available employees
  • RevPar & RevPar Yield Index, total available rooms, and bookings vs. competitors
  • Revenue, expense, profit, and inventory vs. competitors
  • Average daily rate and occupancy rates, vs. competitors 
  • Average rate index, total RevPar, and total available rooms by property vs. competitors
  • Occupancy rate, rates, revenue, expense, profit, bookings, and loyalty performance, restaurant/leisure/event pricing by property, brand, market, submarket, and region vs. competitors
  • Direct revenue ratio
  • Revenue, expense, profit, impressions, and conversions per campaign/promotion by channel, booking, and property
  • Marketing cost per booking by channel and property
  • Third-party partnership renewal details