See how higher education institutions can use Workday Prism Analytics.

Answer key questions by blending data on student retention, department costs, application trends, grants and endowments, Workday data, and much more in your own data hub for finance, HR, and student information.

Questions you can answer.

  • Which students are at risk by program or advisor?
  • Who are my most effective instructors considering grade distribution, performance evaluations, and survey results?
  • What is the total cost of programs by credit hour, course, or class?
  • How is revenue trending by tuition and non-tuition sources, such as labs, hospitals, or campus stores?
  • How is enrollment trending by department relative to cost?
  • What is our cash position including grants, endowments, tuition deposits, and so on?
  • How is grant award revenue trending by researcher, department, or effort?
  • Can we increase grant revenue by targeting opportunities we’re more likely to win?
  • How can we analyze endowment value?
  • Are our wages or benefits impacting our ability to attract talent?

Data sources you can ingest.

  • Financial aid
  • Applicant tracking
  • Contingent worker management
  • Regulatory reporting (IPEDS)
  • Student LMS
  • Student satisfaction surveys
  • Grants/fund management

Blended metrics you can generate.

  • Student retention and success by program, counselor, peers, or academic support expenditures
  • Campus store profitability by product, time period, or promotions
  • Cost of instruction by student, course, department, or instructor
  • Application trends and demographics vs. peers
  • Detailed cost by department, program, or unit
  • Cash balance including grants and endowments by project, timeline, and grantor
  • Proposal-to-win ratio by sponsor, program, or period
  • Turnover rate vs. industry and competitors
  • Recruiting time-to-fill vs. industry standard
  • Wage rates and salaries vs. industry standard
  • Endowment value through donor data and gift usage comparison