Healthcare Use Case

See how healthcare organizations can use Workday Prism Analytics.

Answer key questions about financial performance, clinical utilization, workforce optimization, and more by blending multidimensional data across finance, supply chain, human resources, and clinical operations in your own data hub.

Sample labor productivity analysis by department and pay period.

Questions you can answer.

  • Is there a correlation between supply costs and care outcomes?
  • Are wages or benefits impacting our ability to attract clinical talent?
  • How does our financial health across service lines and locations compare to previous years?
  • What is our complete supply utilization picture across departments and clinical settings?
  • What are the trends in salary and labor costs over the last seven years?
  • How is patient satisfaction trending relative to investments?

Data sources you can ingest.

  • Electronic health record (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Point of use
  • Warehouse management
  • Population health management
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Department operational systems including operating room (OR), emergency department (ED), and labs
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost accounting
  • Contingent worker management
  • Scheduling

Blended metrics you can generate.

  • Supply expense per adjusted patient day
  • Recruiting time to fill
  • Wage rates and salaries vs. industry standard
  • Spend and revenue analyses by service line, location, or department over time
  • Average daily supply usage by location and clinical setting
  • Labor productivity and costs, including agency workers and historical data
  • Patient satisfaction by location, provider, or department

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