Extended HCM Ecosystem

See the full spectrum of your HCM ecosystem in one place.

Answer key business questions by blending all of your workforce data, from in and outside of Workday, in your own data hub.

Questions you can answer.

  • What are my workforce demographics, including contingent workers on different systems and workers from recent acquisitions?
  • Who are my highest- and lowest-performing managers according to employee feedback?
  • What is the breakdown of employee compensation across all our workers (including stock, bonus compensation, grants, benefits, tuition reimbursement, and so on)? 
  • Who of our employees are consistently absent or late, and how does it impact their performance ratings and compensation?

Data sources you can ingest.

  • Contingent worker system
  • External surveys
  • Stock vesting system
  • External HCM system

Blended metrics you can generate.

  • Contingent worker spend breakdown
  • Contingent worker quarterly spend 
  • Contingent worker project/task
  • Contingent vs. in-house compensation
  • Total cost of contingent vs. FTE
  • Survey responses by employee
  • Employee survey responses by manager
  • Survey responses by tenure
  • Survey responses by performance rating
  • Employee total compensation
  • Employee future stock vesting
  • Individual grants associated with future vesting stock
  • Manager view of employee future vesting stock 
  • Manager view of employee total compensation
  • Absences by employee and manager
  • Performance ratings by employee and manager
  • Compensation by employee and manager
  • Available employees to fill shift