Extended Financial Ecosystem

See the full spectrum of your financial ecosystem in one place.

Answer key business questions by blending all of your financial data, from in and outside of Workday, in your own data hub. 

Questions you can answer.

  • What is our global cash position, including investments and FX hedging?
  • Which airlines and hotels make up the largest portion of our travel expenses?
  • Where are we exposed to potential misuse of expense and travel?
  • Where in our SG&A can we optimize spend?
  • Who has access to conflicting business processes (for example, approving spend and selecting a vendor)?

Data sources you can ingest.

  • Investment management system
  • FX hedging system
  • Corporate travel system 
  • External operational system costs 
  • External audit system

Blended metrics you can generate.

  • Total cash and investments (prior and intraday)
  • Cash balance by entity (prior and intraday)
  • Cash balances by financial institution (prior-day and intraday)
  • Cash balances by currency (prior and intraday)
  • Investments and FX hedging (maturing in next 30 days)
  • Travel vendor detail by worker, manager, and cost center
  • Expenses by worker, manager, and cost center
  • Expense misuse by worker, manager, and cost center
  • Open expense lines by worker, manager, and cost center
  • Spend by cost category and division
  • Cohorts of offices/cost centers with similar characteristics
  • Workers with segregation of duty conflicts by business process and security domain