KeyBank’s digital transformation yields large dividends.

“Workday helps us understand our operations, processes, and customers. It’s made a very complicated ecosystem more modern.”—Head of Digital

Reduced 15,000 cost centers to 1,500

Total assets in excess of $180 billion

Expanded from 15 states to 50 states

When it comes to digital transformation, some people ask, “What are the risks of transformation?” But for leaders at KeyBank, the real question is, “What are the risks of not transforming?”

In this video, made by our media partner Bloomberg, we sit down with leaders at KeyBank to learn about its transformation, why it chose Workday as a partner, and the benefits they’re enjoying. KeyBank is now able to:

  • Leverage digital capabilities to expand their banking footprint to all 50 states
  • Access integrated data at their fingertips, with visibility into finance, IT, and HR
  • Shift focus from organizing data to helping customers grow their business
  • Breakdown barriers and silos across their organization

You’ve got one shot to make a really meaningful impact to your firm.

Chief Accounting Officer

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