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A fresh solution for business workflows.

“We took the opportunity to deploy a system that would get us where we want to be and support us as we refine our processes in the future.”—Chief Financial Officer


Siloed applications—along with a 30-year-old finance solution that was no longer supported—segregated data and required manual, paper-based workflows. DCI’s finance and HR teams also lacked insights into expenses, transactions, and resources, making it difficult to minimize patient costs and compliance risks while also delivering personalized, convenient care.

Why Workday.

Workday equips DCI finance and HR employees with one system that they can use to holistically automate, manage, and refine workflows and insights.

Benefits and results.

Fast, Clear Flows

Automated, centralized accounts payable, expense reporting, and staffing processes save time and cut complexity. Financial close takes just 8 days rather than 18–25 days. Staff can drill down into transactions and explore data such as drug costs across sites. Managers have greater insights into expenses and can enforce pre-purchase approvals.

Closes financials 10-17 days faster

Creates joint-venture statements in 1 second, not 45 minutes

Increases control over spend

Unplugged and on the Go

With Workday’s web-based login, DCI’s finance and HR teams can seamlessly transition between onsite and remote work. Employees can submit and approve requests from their desktops or mobile devices, and HR teams can hire people who live farther away. Auditors can also create their own reports, saving finance staff weeks of effort.

Maintains consistent productivity between office and remote workers

Speeds up financial audits

Intuitive and Innovative

DCI internally filled an open IT position by upskilling a business employee to be a Workday systems administrator. Finance and HR teams can also make system configuration changes without help from the IT staff, which speeds up process improvements.

Expands hiring pool

Cuts operational costs by $100,000

Improves agility to meet requirements in new ways

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