The City of Akron emerges stronger with increased automation and security.

“Workday is transformational for the City of Akron. You get very few opportunities in the government space to make a systematic leap forward in technology.”—Chief Technology Officer

Achieved go-live in 45 weeks with Workday Services

Increased access to real-time data for better decision making

Increased utilization rate and collaboration

After the City of Akron was hacked in 2019, its technology mindset changed to push for more innovative thought processes. Not only did moving its finance, payroll, and HR systems to the cloud establish a higher level of security, but the migration to Workday also led to a culture shift with employees accessing data themselves and communicating across departments.

With Workday, the City of Akron:

  • Eliminated roadblocks to communication and collaboration, helping departments to work more efficiently
  • Gave employees access to real-time data and improved business processes
  • Scaled for growth and provided employees with better access to analyze accurate data
  • Supported citizens more effectively

With Workday, our finance department is in a better position than ever to empower our managers to get the information they need out of the system.

Director of Finance

The City of Akron partnered with Workday Services to go live on time and on budget without missing a single paycheck. Workday Services was instrumental in providing guidance throughout the process and eliminating the challenges that typically come with government operations. The Workday Launch team delivered the support needed for a speedy and successful deployment.

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