Acxiom simplifies its technology landscape to improve HR efficiency.

With Workday, Acxiom has simplified all of its back-office systems and elevated its HR functions to improve user experience and drive improvement.


HR systems to 1 system


months to 1 month for complete acquisition integration


improved HR efficiency


to 99.2% compliance


Acxiom previously maintained over 70 back-office systems across the organization, resulting in inconsistent data and disjointed reporting. It selected Workday to simplify its overall technology landscape, improve data governance, reduce administration, and elevate the finance and HR functions.

Why Workday.

Acxiom has experienced many changes since going live on Workday. Adding recruiting and learning to the HR side has driven greater integration of insights, efficiencies, and business continuity.

Benefits and results.

Systems management.

Before Workday, Acxiom struggled with a segmented ERP landscape that required costly support, licensing, and upgrades. Now Acxiom has reduced the number of ERP integrations by 43% and significantly reduced overall TCO. HRIS is now more strategic and focused on supporting HR innovation versus large upgrade and baseline technical support.


HR systems to 1 system


months to 1 month  for complete acquisition integration

HR management.

Acxiom’s HR team has transformed into one with more streamlined operations and a more innovation-focused culture. HR now drives continuous improvement in Workday with the focus on user experience, candidate portal, recruiting outcomes, and improved talent and performance capabilities.


improved HR efficiency

We couldn’t have done what we’ve done with Workday with our old system; it wouldn’t have happened.

Chief People Officer

Learning organizational management.

With Workday Learning, Acxiom realizes the flexibility and ongoing innovation of the Workday technology platform. Acxiom deployed Workday Learning in four months and realized impressive uptake in both user adoption and content distribution capabilities. Further, IT realizes increased content management and distribution efficiency.

Improved compliance from 90% to 99.2%

Enhanced enrollment management

Same day to record training and post into system

Recruiting management.

With Workday Recruiting, Acxiom has shifted the focus from the manager back to the recruiting team that supports hiring managers. Now with greater control, the recruiting team can provide hiring managers with better service, including a new candidate home, onboarding portal, and improved reporting and workflow visibility.


clicks to 15 clicks in the offer-to-hire process

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