Workforce Week™

Connect talent to opportunity.
And transform lives.

Founded in 2015 by Workday, Workforce Week is an annual workforce development program that equips individuals who face barriers to employment with the soft skills and technical training they need to get (and keep) well-paying jobs.

One week each year, we welcome groups of jobseekers—students, youth, and adults—for career development days at our offices. And we invite you to host a Workforce Week at your organization, too.

At the heart of Workforce Week is a call to action for employers to connect motivated individuals of all ages with in-demand careers and create economic opportunity for all.

Since 2015

13 Workday offices participated globally

1,000 job seekers reached

1,100 volunteer hours on the books

How to bring Workforce Week to your organization.

If you’re ready to bring Workforce Week to your organization, we have the tools to help you make every event a success. Download our free guides for workforce development training resources, including draft agendas, communications, and more.


Hosting students.

Students can benefit from exposure to exciting career possibilities. Since they may not know what fields they’re interested in yet, show the range of jobs within your company and highlight how a variety of skills contribute to success.


Hosting opportunity youth.

Opportunity Youth describes young adults ages 16 to 24 who aren’t connected to work or school. To develop a program that fits this group, concentrate on particular career pathways that require highly trainable skill sets but do not require advanced degrees.


Hosting adult jobseekers.

For adult jobseekers transitioning to new industries or returning to work, choose volunteers who started in a different career path or who have experience hiring from other fields.

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