Media and Entertainment Use Case

See how media and entertainment companies can use Workday Prism Analytics.

Answer key questions by blending rating, advertising, subscriber, content, production, Workday data, and much more in your own data hub for finance and HR.

Workday Prism Analytics Media Digital & Subscription Analysis dashboard

Questions you can answer.

  • Which marketing campaigns are the most profitable?
  • Which titles are the most profitable?
  • What are my subscriber acquisition costs?
  • How does the value of licensing compare to in-house production?

Data sources you can ingest.

  • Third-party rating systems
  • Ad traffic/commercial management
  • Social media platforms
  • CRM system
  • Subscriber management system
  • Production management and accounting
  • Content management system
  • Viewership system
  • Business planning system

Blended metrics you can generate.

  • Return on advertising spend
  • Cost/revenue per impression, view, or click
  • Conversion rate per campaign
  • Rating percent per campaign 
  • Customer/pipeline acquisition cost
  • Channel effectiveness
  • Title profitability (per series, episode, season, etc.)
  • Titles vs. budget
  • Subscription/viewership trends per title
  • Cost allocations per title
  • Production activity costs (editing, set design, and so on)
  • Cost per subscriber
  • Discounts per subscriber
  • Subscriber profile trends and demographics per subscriber
  • Geographic trends
  • Percentage of programs under budget
  • Viewership rates per person
  • Budget vs. actual subscription revenue
  • Market segmentation and customer grouping