Scaling for growth with full view across the client lifecycle.

"As a professional services firm, you need to embrace a platform that gives you a 100% perspective into the worker and the client."—Senior Vice President Finance

Enabled view of entire project lifecycle

Reduced headcount

Moved to paperless invoicing

Prior to Workday, technology services firm CAI was manually aligning talent with client engagements. The organization knew it needed to go paperless in order to achieve low technical debt and scale the business.

In this video, learn how CAI is seeing sizeable results from transforming operations to achieve a holistic view of project billing all the way through to resource management, including:

  • Improved client service thanks to a full view of client engagements
  • Reduced headcount and overall technical debt
  • Increased scalability with a paperless approach
  • Adoption of a “pay when paid” model, so suppliers are paid as clients pay CAI’s invoices

Workday allows you to align the needs of your clients with the talent of your workforce.

Senior Vice President Finance

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