Avon increases HR efficiency and scalability.

With Workday Human Capital Management, Avon drives HR efficiency, gathers data, and meets its strategic goals for growth.

Consolidated 50+ systems to 1

Managers spent 1 hour less per week on HR tasks, saving $10M

HR FTE ratio decreased from 75:1 to 83:1


Prior to Workday, Avon had many disparate systems, limited accountability of data, outdated manual processes, and inconsistent definitions of data fields. As a result, gathering accurate data quickly and easily was a challenge.

Why Workday.

The Workday global platform enabled Avon to gain end-to-end employee lifecycle visibility, drive HR process efficiency, and increase the visibility of and ability to act on data.

Benefits and results.

Systems consolidation and flexibility/scalability.

With Workday, Avon greatly simplified its system architecture by eliminating licenses for more than 50 systems and reducing integrations and systems support.

Systems consolidation: 50+ systems to 1

Process automation.

By standardizing processes, Avon is better able to drive transactional consistency across the business. This led to greater efficiency and scalability for HR, as well as for managers across the organization. HR can now focus on more strategic projects that impact the business.

Managers spent 1 hour less per week on HR tasks, saving $10M

Data integrity and decision support.

With Workday, Avon can now deliver real-time, relevant, and accurate data to decision makers in areas such as org modeling, succession planning, and employee performance.

Organizational development.

Elevated talent management tools in Workday have helped Avon increase its focus on employees through global performance reviews, a strong link and causal relationship between performance and compensation, and talent programs.

HR FTE ratio from 75:1 to 83:1, saving 61 FTE/$2.9M

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