Our Architecture

Different by design.

How do we create an experience unlike any in the industry? By using three design principles: build on the Power of One, take inspiration from the consumer internet, and continually evolve.


The Power of One

Core to our architecture is an unwavering commitment to the Power of One. With one experience, one source for data, one security model, and one community, we’re able to innovate faster while meeting the highest security standards and delivering an unmatched customer experience.

One experience.

All our customers share the same engaging experience across devices. You can easily support new features, access insights anytime, and work the way you want to work with a consumer-friendly user experience.

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One Experience

One source for data.

With a single system for finance and HR, all your teams can plan, execute, and analyze using the same data. The result? More collaboration and better decisions.

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One Source for Data

One security model.

Rest easy knowing that always-on audit and comprehensive controls are protecting your data. With one configurable security model, you can make changes with permissions fully intact and distribute data safely.

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One Security Model

One community.

Our customer community is on the same version of Workday, making it easy to share best practices, collaborate on ideas, and shape the future of the applications. More than 40 percent of new features come from customer brainstorms.

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One Community

Applications that work the way you do.

We believe that enterprise software shouldn’t look or feel any different than the applications we use every day.

That’s why we built our system to work conversationally and in your natural workspaces, so you can work in a way that’s familiar to you. It’s also why we weave intelligent, context-rich engagements into our applications, and design them to be elastic and scalable.

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Designed to evolve with you.

We built Workday to be ready for change, so you can adopt new technology without rewriting code or buying a new version—and we can deliver enhancements anytime, not just during a major update.

And by opening up Workday with the Workday Cloud Platform, we’re making it easier than ever for you to extend the way Workday works for you.

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