Combined HCM and financial view frees resources for customer programs.

“With the accounting center transformation, our users can simply look up information and spend their time on analysis.”—Vice President, Finance Enablement

Consolidated disparate systems into one source of truth

Eliminated manual processes to focus time  on customer projects

Used newly accessible data to drive better decisions

Multiple, disparate financial and human capital management (HCM) systems were slowing progress at Unum. The global benefits provider saw the opportunity to consolidate and streamline to achieve a single view across finance and people.

Watch this video to learn about the results Unum has achieved so far, including:

  • Time previously spent on spreadsheets now redirected to analysis
  • Business is able to pivot from transactional communication to focus on driving factors
  • Resources freed up for customer project
  • One source of truth across finance and HCM

With the Workday partnership, people understand what we’re trying to accomplish and are there to help us succeed.

Vice President, Finance Enablement

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