Keeping pace with innovation drives academic progress.

“Embracing change is something that we welcome. It improves student, faculty, and staff experiences by providing a modern state-of-the-art technology solution.”—President

Eliminated fragmented processes for one source of truth

Increased student accessibility with mobile application

Enhanced visibility into schedules and course progress

Students at Stevens Institute of Technology expect their university to stay in front of the digital revolution. Rapid adoption of mobile, cloud, and UX innovation is not just critical, it’s expected. 

By deploying Workday, Stevens Institute of Technology lets its student body access school resources, track academic progress, register for classes, and more. 

In this set of videos, hear from Stevens Institute leaders and students about how Workday has enabled them to:

  • Break down silos to remove scheduling complexity for students and reduce roadblocks to academic progress

  • Replace spreadsheets and whiteboards with mobile-first single-platform technology

  • Deliver a high-quality service and user experience for students and staff

I am able to view my academic progress in a way I was never able to before.


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