KPMG helps Dow deploy Workday to deliver unrivaled employee experiences.

KPMG Powered Enterprise accelerated the Workday deployment, reduced risk, and delivered certainty of outcomes for faster ROI.

Greater visibility into workforce data and analytics

Accelerated business growth

Reduced costs with self-service transactions

Improved customer satisfaction

Dow set out to provide a positive customer experience, starting with creating a leading-class employee experience. The customer also wanted to adopt new ways of working and redesign how its HR team delivers value. Coming from a highly customized, on-premise system, Dow decided to move its HR to the cloud. This transformation had wide-reaching impact, changing every HR process for its employees.

Truly understanding the client’s goals and needs.

At the start of the partnership, KPMG helped Dow assess its HR software needs and set expectations for moving HR to the cloud. KPMG worked with Dow to set up a series of impartial informational sessions with cloud vendors to see how they aligned with Dow’s needs and expectations.

Ultimately, Dow selected Workday for its enterprise HR cloud applications and KPMG as its partner for the company’s transformation program, HR NextGen. KPMG’s Powered Enterprise solution for HR proved especially valuable, built on KPMG’s deep business and technology experience and leading practices in back-office transformation. The preconfigured solution accelerated the Workday deployment, reduced risk, and delivered certainty of outcomes for faster ROI.

Streamlined processes, people-centric strategy.

While technology innovation is often viewed as the lever that brings the most immediate results, true transformation should focus on business processes and strategy.

Though customers typically take advantage of 80 percent of the prebuilt processes from KPMG Powered Enterprise, Dow wanted more input fromthe employees who would actually use the processes. Together, KPMG and Workday conducted four weeks of experience-design workshops for Dow’s global employees. In addition, KPMG delivered HR function and solution center design, experience design and engineering, analytics design, tax advice, and detailed change management.

While the engagement centered on a full-scale transformation strategy and new technology implementations to improve the employee experience, the ultimate focus was on Dow’s people. KPMG and Workday demonstrated their understanding of and commitment to Dow’s user and technology needs. Working side by side with Dow’s HR and technology professionals, KPMG and Workday deliver an employee experience like no other.

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