Hairhouse Warehouse discovers more meaningful metrics.

“Workday Adaptive Planning is changing the way we operate so we can support and influence the business instead of simply providing reports.”—Chief Operating Officer

Hairhouse Warehouse has long been the go-to source for professional hair care products. However, as many of those products have popped up online and in mainstream shops, the business has a renewed focus on creating experiences for their customers that differentiates Hairhouse Warehouse from its competition. And it has turned to Workday Adaptive Planning for the tools needed to scale as the business grows.

Integrated with Hairhouse Warehouse’s NetSuite ERP, Workday Adaptive Planning has given the business immediate and meaningful analytics. Finance can slice and dice data for each franchise and region, and produce management reports in minutes rather than days. The team can also carry out more detailed analysis and identify opportunities to drive sales and a better customer experience. This includes promotions to help clear stock and improve the bottom line.

COO Michael O’Connell says the finance team has much more it plans to accomplish using Workday Adaptive Planning but the technology has already changed the way it operates. “Finance teams can’t get away with working behind the scenes and just crunching numbers anymore. They need to be able to influence the business, and Workday Adaptive Planning gives us the information we need to do that.”

The challenge for finance teams today is not just to deliver numbers faster, but to interpret those numbers in a way that helps the business make better decisions and provide a better customer experience.

Chief Operating Officer


  • Too much reconciliation. Finance had multiple sources of data which it had to import and analyze in Excel.

  • Cumbersome processes. There was no flexibility or automation when it came to reporting and analysis.

  • Manual reports. The finance team’s time was wasted on pumping out monthly board reports and forecasts which took days to prepare manually, then were quickly out of date. 

  • Limited insight. It was difficult to provide management the business intelligence needed to compete and grow in a fast-moving market.


  • Deeper insights. Workday Adaptive Planning together with NetSuite has given Hairhouse Warehouse a single source of truth for all finance and business data; Finance no longer needs to manage multiple spreadsheets. 

  • Instant access to data. Hairhouse Warehouse can easily access and analyze data in the cloud.

  • Automated reports. Reporting is now automated with board reports completed at the press of a button; Finance has the flexibility to slice and dice data by each franchise and region.

  • Strategic decisions. Finance is freed up to review metrics daily and can provide the business with faster insights to drive decisions; they are also equipped to recommend ideas to drive sales.

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