Shifting gears keeping truckers’ cash flowing and rigs rolling.

By taking the friction out of workflows, Apex Capital employees can better focus on serving their customers.

Apex Customer Success Story

Enhances accounting payroll and HR timekeeping teamwork

Delivers flexibility and agility for remote working

Supports employee satisfaction and retention

Improves reliability with no downtime

Cash flow is the lifeblood of all businesses. When it’s short, business slows. This reality launched the factoring industry, which buys companies’ receivables at a discount to give them immediate cash. The income keeps trucking companies’ rigs rolling down the nation’s roads with tanks full, freight on board, and drivers paid and happy. Many trucking firms turn to Apex Capital Corp for its factoring services and fuel discounts.

Tying these services together are more than 300 employees who deliver sterling customer service—an Apex hallmark. “We believe when we treat our employees well, they treat our clients well,” says Apex Capital’s Senior Talent Development Manager Sara Joseph. “It’s a big reason why our retention is high and turnover is low.”

Agility Keeps Trucks Rolling, Even in a Pandemic

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, truckers became even more essential to keeping supermarket shelves stocked as stores struggled to keep pace with panic-buying. At the same time, many U.S. companies had to deal with work-from-home mandates, including Apex.

Fortunately, the company was already using cloud-based Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management, which provided the agility to execute a 100% remote working model in just one weekend. “It was a seamless transition for our end-users and administrators,” Joseph says. “Our business depends on internal and external service continuity, which Workday enabled when everyone had to start working from home virtually overnight.”

Our business depends on internal and external service continuity, which Workday enabled when everyone had to start working from home virtually overnight.

Senior Talent Development Manager

Eyes on the Road, Pedal to the Metal

With Workday, Apex eliminated many siloed systems. “We consolidated numerous functions and processes under Workday, including payroll, time tracking, compensation, talent management, benefits, and finance functions,” Joseph says. “With unified data available in real time, our organization is more productive and efficient.”

With unified data available in real time, our organization is more productive and efficient.

Senior Talent Development Manager

Apex has automated the workflows of many administrative functions across its organization, eliminating the friction and potential errors caused by manual interactions with those systems. This frees up teams to focus on more strategic, value-adding activities. They can also use Workday to modify the functionality of those automated workflows without disrupting the processes. “We went completely paperless with Workday, which saved us time, improved collaboration, and enabled our administrators to support each other across functions.”

More Capabilities and Best Practices

According to Joseph, Workday facilitates Apex’s processes in ways she and her colleagues envision, not in the ways other vendors’ systems might dictate. “Workday gives us the flexibility to do what we want, the way we want to do it, without having to loop in a lot of IT resources,” she says.

When Apex hires new employees, they complete their documentation and virtual onboarding with Workday. “They’re off to a faster start, so they can start contributing to our business sooner,” Joseph says.

Best Company to Work for, Year After Year

Apex often appears on the list of the Best Companies to Work for in Texas. “We focus on people and want to provide our employees with the best working experience possible,” Joseph says. “We want them to bring their best game to work every day and get satisfaction from their contributions to our success. Workday is instrumental in this goal.”

Joseph likes how Workday continues to roll out new features and capabilities that improve the employee experience, boost retention, and reduce turnover. “One of the biggest advantages of Workday is that it’s future-proofed,” she concludes. “No matter how big we get, we will not outgrow Workday.”

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