Global healthcare consulting firm unifies teams and elevates efficiency.

Alira Health’s strategic approach has successfully harmonized operations, helping to empower its diverse, global workforce.

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Achieved unified global HR system

Streamlined data for analytics and reporting

Supported growth with scalable HR tech

Enabled rapid Workday adoption

The transformation of Alira Health from a small enterprise to an international consultancy was not without its challenges. As Martha Sarmiento, HRIS director, explains, “We had to think globally and act swiftly to address our growing pains. We were tasked with unifying a workforce that was rapidly scaling across various countries and cultures.” The need for a robust HR system became evident as the company’s growth accelerated, primarily through acquisitions. Alira Health’s leadership realized that a standardized, scalable HR solution was critical for effectively managing their burgeoning global team and for establishing a single source of truth for employee data.

We needed a system that could grow with us, standardize our processes, and maintain our agility on a global scale.

HRIS Director

The catalyst for HR transformation.

Choosing the right technology to support its HR operations was pivotal. After a comprehensive RFP process, Alira Health opted for a system that promised not only agility in its implementation, but also alignment with the organization’s long-term growth and operational efficiency objectives. This decision marked the birth of the HRIS team, which arose from the need to integrate HR and IT functions within the company. “Our HRIS team is a testament to our commitment to in-house expertise, ensuring our systems evolve with our organizational needs,” states Sarmiento.

The implementation of our global HRIS was a deliberate step toward future-proofing our organization.

HRIS Director

Record speed deployment and immediate benefits.

The deployment journey was groundbreaking in its speed and scope, as Alira Health deployed crucial HR functions across 10 countries in a record time frame. “We adopted a minimal viable product approach, which allowed us to leverage the core functionalities quickly and lay the groundwork for future enhancements,” Sarmiento shares.

This rapid deployment enabled the HR team to transition from scattered Excel files to a unified Workday system, significantly enhancing its reporting and analytics capabilities.

Our rapid deployment was a game-changer, immediately enhancing our operational efficiency and data management.

HRIS Director

Future-proofing HR for sustained growth.

As Alira Health stands today, the HR landscape within the organization is remarkably different from its pre-Workday era. Sarmiento reflects on the present situation with pride, highlighting the “quick wins” that have marked the company’s HR transformation journey.

The swift adoption of Workday across departments has been a triumph, shifting the organization from having to rely on disparate Excel spreadsheets to now leveraging a cohesive, data-centric approach. “The integration has been profound. Our financial, staffing, and travel management systems now speak the same language, thanks to Workday,” Sarmiento notes. This evolution has not only streamlined processes but has also paved the way for a more strategic use of data, enhancing efficiency and reducing redundancies.

But Alira Health’s ambition doesn’t rest on these laurels. With the groundwork laid, the focus is on leveraging Workday to its fullest potential. “We see Workday as a partner in our growth, not just as a platform. It’s about enhancing our data quality and capabilities to support strategic analysis and decision-making,” Sarmiento explains. The enhancement of absence management and the introduction of advanced compensation and talent Workday modules are on the horizon, reflecting a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in HR operations.

Our vision with Workday is transformative—beyond operational efficiency, we’re harnessing its power for strategic growth and an unmatched employee experience.

HRIS Director

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