Airtable automates workflows to gain a competitive edge as it scales.

“Workday allowed us to re-create workflows to provide automations for our teams.”—Head of HR and Financial Systems

Adopt apps that scale and evolve as the business grows

Decrease the costs of maintaining multiple point solutions

Reduce manual work to spend more time adding value

Reengineer workflows to drive efficiency via automation

As Airtable grew rapidly, it needed to move away from point solutions and adopt a platform that could scale with the business. Marycarl Feldman, head of HR and Financial Systems, explains how connecting people and financial data enables Airtable to:

  • Deliver a better experience to employees, providing easy access to relevant data within a single platform

  • Lower system maintenance costs and reduce the time spent on manual reconciliations and data integrity checks

  • Reengineer workflows and introduce new automations that streamline business processes

We know that Workday will scale with our business and it gives us that competitive edge.

Head of HR and Financial Systems

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