Take your business platinum with AI.

Three in 5 businesses are adopting AI and machine learning (ML) in some way. Yet only one percent of those surveyed would consider their adoption mature. Learn why and what to do about it in our latest report.




See how CEOs are driving change with AI.

Only 2% of company leaders don’t see AI’s potential. Check out why the CEOs who do are leading their organizations into the future.

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Transform your business with AI.

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CIOTake ownership over how AI is implemented and used within your company. 

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CHROTransform HR with AI to improve recruitment and create new opportunities for equity in the workforce.

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CFOUse AI to improve forecasting, scenario planning, and risk management while automating reconciliation.


AI adoption by the numbers.

Did you know that 71% of respondents believe AI will impact global business within three years? We surveyed 2,355 senior leaders to gauge how they’re preparing for AI in business—here’s how it went.

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of respondents said their data is somewhat or completely siloed.


of respondents would classify their adoption as mature.


of CEOs say their organization is unprepared to adopt AI.


of CEOs say they would instantly benefit from AI implementation.


See what your peers say about AI in business.

We talked to global experts in AI along with senior business leaders from finance, IT, and HR. Check out what a few of them had to say.

“The people who sit on the sidelines are missing all that learning time that those building their AIs now benefit from. The faster you get in, the faster your AI starts to learn.”

—Ajay Agrawal, Professor, Rotman School of Management

“If we aren’t looking towards how to best utilize it and incorporate it into our work, we risk falling behind as an organization and not offering our associates the tools they need to also stay relevant."

—Nathalie Carruthers, EVP and CHRO

 “It’s a new way of thinking, it’s a new way of working, and we’ve all got to lean into it.”

—Dave Mackenzie, Managing Principal, Digital


Discover how AI impacts your business.

Optimism for AI and machine learning.

Business leaders are excited to see how AI and machine learning can improve operational efficiency and decision-making. They believe that these new technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate and innovate.

The importance of responsible AI.

While the majority of business leaders in our survey are excited about the potential of AI and machine learning, 2 in 5 say they are concerned about the trustworthiness of AI and ML


Changing for the better.

Those leading the way with AI have harnessed the technology to improve their organizations' data, productivity, human skills, machine capabilities, and organizational culture. But you can call them AI Pioneers for short.

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Augmenting workforce capabilities.

According to the report, half of CEOs surveyed say that AI will significantly amplify human potential, supporting C-suite leaders to get the best out of their teams.

Financial forecasting.

One in three finance and procurement leaders say improving forecasts and budget decisions are the areas where they will get the most immediate value from AI due to comprehensive data sets and a full range of options.

Employee experience.

One in three HR leaders agrees that their teams will get the most immediate value from AI in performance management, skills management, recruiting, and onboarding.


Skills-based recruiting.

One in three IT leaders believes that AI and machine learning will immediately help improve IT talent recruitment, onboarding, and development.


Breaking organizational culture barriers.

According to the research, AI developments can address workplace imbalances by giving your people access to information that can help them make more insightful decisions—creating equal opportunity.


of all IT leaders say diversity, equity, and inclusion benefit most.


of all HR leaders believe AI will make work more meritocratic.


of all CEOs think AI will make work more equitable and diverse.

Check out how you stack up against the AI Pioneers.

Our research finds that AI Pioneers are harnessing AI and machine learning in data and tools, employee productivity, human skills, and organizational culture. Read the report to see where you stand.



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