Workday Resource Center FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find information on my pay, taxes, timesheets, benefits, or job applications?

The Workday Resource Center does not provide access to your organization's Workday application. Please contact your HR or IT department for more information. Due to our security policy, we're unable to provide direct assistance with this type of issue.

How do I reset my password?

  1. On the Workday Resource Center Sign-in page, click the Set Your Password button.
  2. Enter your professional email address and click Reset Via Email.
  3. From the email, click the Reset Password button. (Don't forget to check your spam or junk folder if you don't find the email in your inbox)
  4. On the Reset Your Password page, enter your new password twice, Click Reset Password to complete the account setup. And you're in!
  5. Access your applications by clicking on the tiles in your new Workday Resource Center. 
    • If accessing the Workday Learning Center, upon signing in you will be prompted to Remember this Device. We recommend that you check the Remember this Device option. If you do not check this option, you will be prompted to remember a device and receive Trusted Devices emails upon each log-in.


What is my username?

Your username is the professional email address you use at your organization.

For Community only users, you’ll no longer use your Community username to sign in. Please use your professional email address going forward.


My account has been locked. 

After six unsuccessful signin attempts, your account will be locked for one hour, after which time you’ll be able to reset your password by following the guide above.. 


This is my first time logging into the new Workday Resource Center. What do I do?

Existing users of either the Workday Customer Center, Workday Learning Center or Community will need to follow the instructions above to Set/Reset Your Password.

If you are a new user, please look for the Account Activation email sent directly to your inbox. Please check your junk/spam folders for the message. Need more help? Please email Workday Support for assistance.


How do I access my account if I missed the account activation window?

We can help with that! Please email Workday Support - we'll resend it to you.


My name and/or email address has changed. How can I update it?

If you’re a Named Support Contact or Learner, please reach out to a Named Support Contact or Training Coordinator at your organization for assistance. They’ll need to raise a Customer Care > Customer Center > My Profile Changes case to make these changes.

If you only have access to Workday Community, contact the Community Administrator with your new name and/or email address.


The Forgot Password link isn’t working, what do I do now?

Please ensure you’re entering your full and most up-to-date email address in the reset password field. Need more help? Email Workday Support.