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Audit, Compliance, and Control

Simplify audit and compliance.

Workday offers built-in audit and internal controls so you can quickly adapt to new regulatory requirements.

Reinforcing audit and control.

Whether you’re preparing your company to go public, planning for ASC 606, or meeting routine audit requirements, it’s critical to have the right controls in place. See why now is the right time to reinforce governance and rethink your technology.

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Workday makes governance easy.

Other providers offer compliance, controls, and audit capabilities as bolt-on applications, making the ability to ensure compliance time-consuming and unreliable. But with Workday, you get control and governance capabilities built into the core of the system.

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Auditing and financial transformation.

With Workday, you get always-on auditing and built-in compliance support so you can spend less time gathering audit evidence and more on new and strategic initiatives. See how we designed our finance system to meet the compliance needs of every business.

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A new approach to audit and control.

Unlike the competition, Workday built its control frameworks into the foundation. See how our approach to audit and internal controls helps you keep up with today’s ever-changing regulatory environment.

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Learn more about Workday audit and internal controls.