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Welcome to Workday Next.

Workday Next is an initiative that showcases Workday’s high-tech advancements and investments. From data science and machine learning, to core technologies and user-centric design, Workday Next is the focal point for the people, ideas, and innovations that are transforming the way businesses succeed and grow.

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Don't wait for the future. Invent it.


Data science. Data engineering. Analytics.


Data is the most vital asset in unlocking solutions to challenges people and businesses face. This is what fuels the passion of Workday Sigma, our team of seasoned experts and rising thought leaders specializing in data science, data engineering, and the latest innovations for turning businesses into data-driven enterprises. From producing cutting-edge research that helps leaders confront today's big business questions to applying advanced algorithms and concepts that can anticipate tomorrow's needs, our team prides itself on helping businesses make better decisions.

Workday strengthens data science expertise with Upshot acquisition.
Deep Learning in Production with Skymind and Workday, Part 1
Deep Learning in Production with Skymind and Workday, Part 2


Architecture. DevOps. OpenStack. Performance. Development tools. Scalability. Continuous development.


Workday Stack, our core platform services team, is continuously improving Workday’s underlying architecture to keep pace with industry innovations and stay ahead of our customers’ needs. Workday Stack focuses solely on ensuring that we use the most advanced technologies and methodologies for delivering applications that are nondisruptive, take advantage of the latest innovations, and keep our customers’ businesses moving forward.

Using Data to Improve the Development Process at Workday
Workday development in Ireland: Scaling for the Future
Advancing a World-Class Cloud Computing Architecture
CTO Stan Swete on how Workday's technology evolves to stay modern.
EVP of Development Explains Technology Behind Workday’s Innovative Applications


User-centric design. Mobile first. Design thinking.


At Workday Labs, we're constantly thinking about new ways to bring passion and innovation back to the business of enterprise applications. We’re applying what we’ve learned through our research on the latest trends in user-centric design, mobile-first strategy, and design-thinking methods to building applications for the way people work. And as we learn, Workday Labs is giving back to the community through Open Source initiatives as well as partnerships with nonprofits focused on making our world safer and smarter.

Software Development, Leadership, and Innovation in Boulder
Putting the Person Back in Personalization
Generation Workday: A Look at Workday’s Future Leaders
Video: David Clarke and Jason Fried on Technology, Innovation, and Work


Workday Ventures works with promising, early-stage companies to fuel the next generation of enterprise software.  We focus on companies that pioneer enterprise application technologies, cloud infrastructure, AI and machine learning, collaboration and productivity, and analytics. In addition to receiving funding, portfolio companies can benefit from strategic guidance from Workday executives, engineers, customers, and partners.

Our portfolio companies.


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