Carin Taylor

Chief Diversity Officer

Carin is a visionary leader with a proven track record of unapologetically championing DEI initiatives for over two decades. With an unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of belonging and equity for all, Carin is dedicated to helping ensure that all individuals have fair access to opportunities.

Renowned for her compassionate leadership style, Carin leads with empathy, creating spaces where every voice is valued and heard. A fearless advocate for inclusion excellence, Carin is recognized as a truth teller, illuminating the path toward a more equitable and inclusive future where people of all backgrounds and abilities are able to not only succeed, but also to thrive. Her tireless dedication to a more unified society serves as inspiration for many.

Prior to joining Workday, Carin served as the Head of Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation at Genentech where she was responsible for strategic initiatives including executive coaching and thought leadership, building and leading highly effective teams, and improving employee engagement. From fit for purpose initiatives to scalable solutions, Carin’s vast experience in driving greater inclusion, belonging, and equity across the enterprise has significantly served the business and the greater good.

Before Genentech, Carin held various positions in human resources, inclusion and diversity, finance, and customer service at Cisco Systems.

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