Real Cloud

One line of code and always up to date. A single version of Workday exists across all customers. That's the real cloud. Anything else is an imposter.

Multi-tenancy matters.

Every customer is on the same version of Workday. That means no customer is left behind when the software is updated. And when everyone is on the same version, the result is a community with unprecedented levels of communication and collaboration.

Take control of cost in the cloud.

Workday simplifies everything, including your cost of ownership. With a subscription-pricing model, you pay as you go. And everything is included in your subscription, meaning you won't be nickled and dimed. 

Reducing the impact.

The cloud is inherently green. Centralized data centers reduce energy consumption. Multi-tenant architecture uses computing resources efficiently. And Workday's internal practices and goals help direct a vision for a better global carbon balance.

The power of 1.

One line of code. That's it. With every customer on the same version of Workday, everyone's input moves the product forward for the good of everyone else. And it's the power of one code line that makes the Workday customer community so strong and satisfied. Everyone is speaking the same language and working collaboratively to build a better Workday.

Setting the pace of innovation.

Social tools, analytics, and mobile devices are pushing innovation in the enterprise like never before. And with hundreds of new features introduced in two updates every year, we are constantly striving to make your work life better. As others try to catch up, Workday continues to move forward at unrelenting speed.

Vendor-managed updates. They're automatic.

Workday applications are designed to change with your business. Two times a year, we deliver feature-rich updates to every customer. You decide which features to activate (or not) on your own time table. Workday does all the heavy lifting. And every customer benefits.